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What Is AutoWeb?

What Is AutoWeb?


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AutoWeb is simple, template web page creator intended for use by novice users.

I have observed that a lot of people want web presence but cannot do it simply because the soewhat comples HTML coding. The main purpose of the program is to assist members of a community to start their own web pages.

The application is "template" based. The user must select a template which conforms the standards of a community. I wrote the application to be used in a university and mainly instructors (most students already had fancy, some beautiful web pages already). It was the vintage instructos we were trying to push into putting their work & experience on the web and starting with a simple personal web page was the trivial approach.

AutoWeb is free. I shall appreciate if you could drop me an e-mail if/when you install and start using AutoWeb. I would also very much enjoy sharing any enhancements you make.